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What is 8D Audio?

This is not a new music genre or even a new technology. This is a method of post-processing audio recordings when DJs take an existing track and mix it, creating the effect of the sound moving around the listener.
8D audio emulates Ambisonics surround sound. The latter implies that the listener is located in the center of the “acoustic sphere”, at the edges of which sound sources are placed. The name 8D simply means that the sound comes from eight directions: left, right, front, back, plus four of their combinations.

How it works?

The cavities in the human auricle have their own characteristics of resonances and reflections, which depend on the frequency of the sound wave and its angle of incidence. Our brain is able to notice these distortions and determine the direction from where the sound comes. The intensity of distortion for each person is individual and is described by the so-called head-related transfer function (HRTF). Using filtering, taking into account the transfer function of the head, and special software, you can create the effect of "moving" the sound source "around" the listener.
To make the effect as realistic as possible, you need to calculate the transfer function for each person individually. However, musicians use ready-made HRTF kits. These sets formed the basis of special filters for sound processing programs, such as Sennheiser's Ambeo Orbit.